Introducing our streamlined process for turning your existing video content into a global sensation with StoryShell


Send us your current video content and let us know which language you'd like it translated into

This can include anything from marketing videos to training materials, product demos, and more.


We'll scrape the audio from your video and provide you with a transcript for review and improvement.

Our cutting-edge AI technology ensures that the transcription process is both fast and accurate, while our team of expert translators is on hand to make any necessary improvements to the text.


Once the transcript is finalized, we'll translate it into your desired language and generate an AI voiceover

Our synthetic voices sound genuinely human, and are optimized for each language to ensure the best possible quality.


We'll send you the completed video for your approval, with the new voiceover synced automatically

You’ll have the opportunity to review the video and provide any feedback or revisions you’d like.


That's it! Your new video is ready to use anywhere, and all in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional dubbing

With our solution, you can expand your global reach and connect with audiences around the world like never before.

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