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How It Works

Experience the Magic of AI Dubbing with Storyshell

Embark on a journey with Storyshell to transform your existing video content into a global sensation. Here's how our streamlined process works:

Step 1 of translating a video. Uploading a file.
Step 1

Upload Your Video

Upload the video content you want to be dubbed. This could be anything from marketing videos to training materials or product demos. Also specify the language for translation and dubbing.
Step 2

Automated Transcription

Storyshell's advanced AI technology swiftly transcribes the audio from your video, providing you with a transcript that you can review and enhance directly in the platform.
Step 2 of translating a video. Transcription of a file.
Step 3 of translating a video. Translation of the text and AI VoiceOver generation
Step 3

Translation and AI Voiceover Generation

After reviewing and finalizing the transcript, use the platform to translate it into your chosen language and generate a human-like AI voiceover. Our synthetic voices, optimized for each language, ensure top-notch quality.
Step 4

Syncing and Review

The platform automatically syncs the new voiceover with your video. You can then review the finished product directly within the platform and make any necessary adjustments or revisions.
Step 4 of translating a video. Syncing of the new Audio and Review.
Step 5 of translating a video. Export a video
Step 5

Global Impact

Your new video, dubbed and ready, can now captivate audiences worldwide, all achieved in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional dubbing. With Storyshell, expanding your global reach has never been easier.

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