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Get humanlike, high-quality voiceovers with StoryShell’s AI for your training and educational projects.  

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Easily customizable, lifelike voiceovers

Create and use voiceovers without restrictions

With StoryShell, you can generate natural sounding voiceovers and use them for any project — from personal presentations to YouTube videos and eLearning courses — in 3 quick steps:

Quick and cost-effective text-to-speech conversion

Say goodbye to robotic voices, expensive projects & slow turnarounds

Most text-to-speech converters produce robotic and unnatural voices. And while voice actors can bring a lot of spirit, they’re typically expensive and require much more time. In contrast, StoryShell lets you generate natural voiceovers fast, with affordable monthly plans, based on your usage.

280+ languages and variations

Like British English, Brazilian Portuguese, or Mexican Spanish.

A collection of 400 neural voices

Choose between various male and female speakers for any language.

Commercial rights for all audio files

Use all audio files for personal or commercial projects.

Unlimited file storage and downloads

Store and download unlimited audio files, regardless of your monthly plan.

Highest-possible audio quality

Download uncompressed WAV files to preserve impeccable audio quality.

Fully customizable voiceovers

Tailor each voiceover to your liking via breaks, emphasis, and pitches.

Try StoryShell and get a high-quality voiceover in seconds.

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